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How Learning English For Kids Can Be Easy and Fun

English as a Second Language

If you are setting out to teach overseas, don’t leave home without Kikkyboo ‘Learn English Kids’ Books. The teaching style of Kikkyboo Books will develop you into one of the most popular and successful teachers that have ever come their way. Children will be cheering for you all the way down the halls when they see you coming.  They simply can’t get enough of Kikkyboo.

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Whether you have already accepted an International teaching job with your TESOL, TESL, TEFL or ESL certificate, or you are already teaching English to Children and you want fresh engaging spoken English material, Kikkyboo Books provides you with step-by-step English lessons that get the kids excited from day one.

Teach English to Kids

Dangers of International Teaching Jobs

ESL Certifed Many times with international teaching jobs you are often left under-prepared or unprepared because of the short courses and workshops that grant certification in TESOL type courses. Being classroom-ready is critical to your success.  Those who are not ready and don’t get the children cheering for more, may lose students.

Should children get bored and frustrated and paying parents not see exceptional result, students may get pulled out of your class.  The more students you lose from your class, the less money you make. Kikkyboo ‘Learn English kids’ Books won’t let that happen to you. With all the challenges of teaching overseas such as culture shock and being homesick, the last thing you want to do is be a failure in the classroom. Kikkyboo Books is powerful every day teaching tool which helps you plan lessons that are engaging, entertaining and keeps the kids wanting more.  They help you overcome all other challenges making it worth the experience of living abroad.

ESL Exercises

Learning English for Foreign Kids


Kids Learning English

These easy-to-use books along with their down load-able teacher manuals will instantly make you a pro at teaching kids to speak, read and learn English. No tricks or gimmicks, just well-researched, well-written books specifically designed for teaching English to kids.

16 complete weeks of English lessons all packed and ready to go with you.     KikkyBoo Books Material Lesson for English as a Second Language

Yes, yes, yes – Kikkyboo Books says, ‘ Learn English Kids.’  Your job as an ESL teacher will be a rich and rewarding experience with the easy to follow tips, suggestions and inspiration.

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