International Teaching Jobs

Are there good International Teaching jobs available?

You bet there is!

Teaching Jobs OverseasIt is true when you read “Teach overseas and have the experience of a lifetime”. There are many things to consider before you accept a job teaching overseas. 

If possible get a reference from another foreign guest teacher.  

Research research research!

Get to know the customs and culture before you decide. If you are in conflict with the religion, culture or customs do NOT go.

Be Prepared, then over prepare, then prepare more!

Create a ‘toolbox’ of games and activities for the kids learning English that you can build upon. The best toolbox for teaching jobs overseas has the least amount of material with the most amount of English speaking lessons. 

Learn about packing your ESL toolbox

The school may provide you with spoken English lessons but, that is not usually the case.  Know the age group and the level of your students so that you can step in front of the class with confidence. 

Understand before you go that not every moment English Teaching Resourceswill be rosy

There will be frustrating situations that arise.   If you are successful in the classroom and the students love you, then other challenges won’t seem overwhelming.  

Develop your own style, have fun with the students and everything else will fall into place.

If the International teaching jobs you are applying to has a good reputation for supporting guest teachers, if you are okay with the culture and customs — then go for it!

Most of life regrets are about what we didn’t do, not what we did

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