Learning English For Kids

Teaching English to children who are learning English as a foreign language has its challenges.

Teaching English as a Second Language to ChildrenYoung Learners have short attention spans and are easily distracted, it’s best to make your exercises and classroom activities fun and short. 

Trick to Your English Lessons

When you are teaching internationally a lesson plan lasting 25 minutes is most likely going to be too long if your students are really young. The trick to a good lesson is to have short, high energy activities to keep the classes moving and the children on their toes.

Learning English for kids can be fun and exciting if you keep things moving.  That doesn’t mean that you bombard them with new lesson plans every class.  

A Tried and Tested Method That Works…

A tried and tested method that works is to open the class with a familiar poem or chant (it’s fun to say it three timesTeaching English to Children Overseas, first as a whisper, then a bit louder, and third time loud and with enthusiasm).  Then review past English lessons, sing a short well know song, have a new lesson plan and close with a review of new words or phrases from lesson plan. 

If time remains perhaps a short activity that has children engaged, moving and speaking. 

 If you are teaching in a private school that offers ‘learn English for kids’ courses and you only see your class once a week, it is really important to keep notes and files on each class.

You may use the same lesson for each of your different classrooms and adjust the level accordingly.  A file folder in your ‘ESL toolbox’ will assist in tracking progress with each class. 

Most important: Learning English for kids must be fun! 

Create games and activities that are fun and interesting.  Assist students to interact with each other by doing pair work, group work and team games.  Mix things up.  

Review material often and add new material slowly with lots of repetition.  You will see marvelous results!  Make sure you have fun in each class.  

Put a big smile on your face and keep it there. Make the children feel special and they’ll soon be rushing in for your classes. Make your classes the highlight of their week!  When you say, “we’re learning English kids,” they will be cheering.

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