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The Impact Learning English Has on Kids


Learning Spoken EnglishWhether you are currently enrolled in spoken English classes or just going through your ordinary day – making phone calls, greeting friends and coworkers, ordering lunch – you are using the English that you were taught as a child.


Remember the English you were taught in middle school… those formal, stilted, almost unheard of words that you only used in English class? The grammatical formulas you agonized over in? Have you ever used them in your day to day life?



What you weren’t told in those spoken English lessons is that the most important English you ever learned is spoken English – especially if English is your second language!


Imagine with me for a moment that you are vacationing in a country where no one speaks English. You are tired, ready for a good night of sleep, and you want to find a hotel. What language skills do you need the most at that moment? Are the grammatical structures and rules you learned in language class going to help you communicate a simple need in this foreign language? Of course not!


The language skill you need is the ability to communicate. This is where, had you have taken a spoken English course, it would come into play.


Kids who are learning English as a second language need you, as a teacher, to give them ESL Instructorthe language speaking skills they will actually be able to use in the real world. They want to talk with their new American friends on the playground; they want to order their own lunch in the cafeteria.


There are thousands of ESL resources for teachers available today. Many focus solely on grammar, reading and writing. While these skills will be necessary in the long term, it’s the language skills your students will use immediately. They are power – giving your students the joy of using knowledge they learned in their English speaking classes.


Every teacher that teaches English to kids knows that if you’ve won the attention of your class, you have won half the battle. That’s where interactive, fun ESL resources come to your rescue. 


One amazing resource is the Kikkyboo Books. These books will have your spoken English classes excited and laughing together in short order – all the while learning English! Check them out. You won’t be disappointed…and neither will your class.

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