About Kikkyboo Books and Author Christine Noble

KikkyBoo Books Were Truly Created ‘In the Trenches,’

Christine was just like you – trying to teach kids English without materials that inspired them to learn, to speak and read the world’s most-used language.

A fan of Canadian children’s writer, Robert Munsch, Christine used some of his books in class but, there was a very noticeable need for more.  She simply wasn’t getting any excitement or enthusiasm out of the children.  She needed something that was far more engaging and fun than what she was currently using. 

Where would she find books of the caliber she needed? 

“It just wasn’t out there, so I knew I had to create my own series, not just for me but, for anyone teaching overseas.”

Christine Noble Kikkyboo BooksWorking with  Tamer Özdemir, founder and director of Turkey’s TEST Language School and Engliversity, Christine was able to test and perfect KikkyBoo Books.  By the end of the first day, Christine knew she had a powerful new teaching tool that would change how children learned forever.

As a teacher of English as a Second Language in Turkey over the past 10 years, Christine has used her books to help children learn to speak and read English, but, more importantly, she’s taught them to be lifelong learners and to enjoy reading. 

She instills in children a love of reading, through her magnetic personality and high-energy performance. Christine found that the repetitive nature of her entertaining stories provided the perfect formula to excite and inspire her students to learn English as a second language.

Creating the magic behind Kikkyboo Books has helped even the most inexperienced teachers become powerhouses in the classroom, allowing others to share her passion for teaching English overseas in any Country.

Author, storyteller and entertainer Christine brings KikkyBoo Books to life in front of enthralled audiences of children at public events, schools and libraries.

“I am thrilled to be able to offer these books to others teaching English as a Second Language to help them to instill a love of reading in their students.  It’s so exciting to know the books help them to read, learn, share and grow with their students!”

“The energy we share and the repetitive nature of the books gets kids excited about reading because they realize it’s something that they really can do, something they can share with others.  Their confidence grows as the pace and loudness of the chant increases,” explains Christine.  “The children are engaged and really become animated.”

The stories come from her experiences as a mother, daughter and teacher. “I owe Tamer a debt of gratitude for helping me discover my love of teaching and storytelling.  Without his help and influence, KikkyBoo books would not have come about,” says Christine.

Author Christine Noble

Christine Noble Kikky Boo

Christine grew up in St. Thomas, Ontario, one of three children of Liz and Fritz Klaus, who emigrated from Austria and Germany, respectively.  This strong European influence shaped her early years and is reflected in her books. 

She credits her family members for helping her create colorful, realistic characters for her tales and feels that if she hadn’t been lucky enough to have her two boys early in life, then the universe would have taken her in another.

The world would be a sadder place without Christine’s storytelling and entertaining children. 

Her own boys Terry and Keith, now adults, provide inspiration for her stories and characters within them.  For instance, Terry is the main character in her story called Terry Remembered, about a boy who needs special encouragement to recall what a good boy he can be. 

Younger son Keith provided inspiration for her tale, called Ooga Booga, as he likes to startle family members when he was young, and “still does,” says Christine, with a smile. 

Members of her extended family are also responsible for some of Christine’s best stories.  “They let me poke fun at them a bit and are good sports about it,” says Christine. 

For instance, younger sister Monika and her husband and two boys are all featured in the books. 

She credits them, as well as her brother Dave, his wife Nancy and their lively brood of two daughters, as well as her sister Erika and their parents with some of her best material.

“My books are also a gift of love to my family that they can share with their own families for generations to come. On that note I am already successful even if I never sold a book!” 

From restaurateur to wellness coach to English teacher in Turkey, her career has been eclectic and hectic – at times. 

Now an author/entertainer, Christine feels that the sum of these experiences add up to making her the person she is now, appreciating life and wanting to give back to the universe through her books.

Martin Murtonen

Martin Murtonen Illustrator Kikky Boo“Not only is he a great illustrator, he is also witty, multi-talented and inspiring to work with!”

iHorace media will take your ideas, and translate them into clear, concise products using various forms of illustration and creative design.

Characters to final output; Poetry book to posters; Comics to CD covers; Newspaper to 3D Design; Info packets to web sites. Coffee table book to…? (Am always up to a challenge).