Discover the Magic of Learning English For Kids With Kikkyboo Books


“Read, learn, share and grow…C’mon everybody let’s go!” 

Teaching English For KidsRings through the air as the little ones join the chant, clapping to be beat.  Before they know it, they are reading, learning, sharing and growing!

When kids have fun, learning happens more easily. Students love the endearing stories of KikkyBoo Books and love to hear them over and over. They are active participants in the stories. Each session starts with: “Read, learn, share and grow – c’mon everybody, let’s go!”

Build vocabulary, teach phrasing and intonation, and familiarize parts of speech and so much more all the while sharing giggles and grins.

The magic of
KikkyBoo Books,
comes through the consistent
oral repetition.

Learning occurs each time a child is exposed to a new object or experience, new neural connections are made in his/her brain. Through repetition these connections are strengthened. 

Within the stories, key phrases are repeated, strengthening neural pathways to implant English into their young brains as they chant their way to being able to speak English.

English Lessons For Kids

KikkyBoo Entertains!

“The energy we share and the repetitive nature of the books gets kids excited about reading because they realize it’s something that they really can do, something they can share with others. 

Their confidence grows as the pace and volume of the chant increases,” explains Christine.  “The children are engaged and really become animated.”


Top 10 Reasons KikkyBoo Books Must Be In Your Toolkit

  1. Teaching English is hard but Kikkyboo Books make it easy.
  2. Students will enjoy your classes and willingly learn English.
  3. It’s more fun to hear cheers than jeers.
  4. Rave performance reviews will get you more jobs teaching overseas.
  5. You can purchase Kikkyboo Books before leaving for an overseas teaching position.
  6. Easy-to-follow steps, developed by an experienced ESL teacher, guarantee success.
  7. Students who are uninspired and inattentive don’t learn English; Kikkyboo Books are the answer.
  8. Even if you are an inexperienced or under-prepared teacher, you’ll appear polished and knowledgeable.
  9. You’ll have the most popular classes when students and their parents tell others how amazing you are.
  10. You’ll be a hero every time you step in front of a class.


You’ll have a positive impact because learning English for kids with Kikkyboo Books, will make your students more successful in school, work and life!  All because of you and Kikkyboo.