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Christine Noble St Thomas ON


From restaurateur to real estate speculator to wellness coach to an English teacher in Turkey, St. Thomas native Christine Klaus Noble has taken the long road to becoming an author.

    Born and raised in St. Thomas as one of three children of eastern European immigrants, Alberta-based Noble is back in her home town to launch her first four children’s books.

    “I wanted to come home to do that,” she said at her parents house Wednesday.

    Noble began teaching English in Turkey about a decade ago and began telling stories to the students based on her own children’s experiences. She would act out the scenes with props while the children participated in various ways.

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Kikkyboo Author Caso Station

Caso Station Christine NobleFans and friends flocked to the CASO Station on Sunday to join Christine Klaus Noble for the launch of her four children’s books.

From the round-the-world quest for a perfect pet (not an alpaca) in Can I Please have a Pet?  to Keith’s annoying habit of scaring family members (including Nana reading a Looney Spoons cookbook at the cottage) in Ooga Booga, the books are packed with busy family life and warmth. Vivid, imaginative and fun illustrations by Martin Murtonen fill every page.


Christine’s telling of stories came about as she developed methods for teaching conversational English to young students just learning to speak English. They contain the rhythm and repetition that

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Christine Noble in the news

For years Christine Noble followed her passions travelling the world and teaching English to children along the way. Appropriately, it was through this work that Noble uncovered a new talent -writing. Her journey of becoming a children’s book author may have been born out of necessity as a means to aid her teaching, but today has become a newfound passion.“About 11 years ago I started teaching English in Turkey sort of as a way to ‘voluntour’

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Dear Christine,


I just received your four books in the mail. I haven’t finished looking through them, but I can’t overestimate my first impression: impressed! I’m so excited to start using these books with my little students!

Seriously: I have searched my local libraries for books like these, and the only place I’ve found anything similar was the beginning reader sections. And many of those books are way too childish for my students’ age group. Your books are perfect.

So, thank you SO much for introducing me to such an awesome resource. Do you have more books available, or a catalogue of some sort? I know several other teachers that would love to use these in their classes.

Also, I am working on a new project with several other teachers to provide English classes to Syrian refugee kids that have fled Syria. I think these books would be such an awesome resource, especially as these kids are dealing with unimaginable trauma and psychological problems.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Jessica S.